Tracksuit trousers for Katie

katie trousers pocket katie tracksuit trousers

katie trousers

Recently I have been on a mission to persuade my little Katie, who is otherwise quite a tomboy, to wear trousers.  She has been refusing to wear them for well over a year now.  Leggings are fairly acceptable but trousers get a huge refusal.  I did try persisting for a while but got fed-up of her wandering around in her pants – her approach is to remove the offensive trousers as soon as my back is turned.   However it occurred to me that she might accept the idea of ‘tracksuit’ trousers since that is what she sees Finn, Angus and Islay wearing for Fetlicks (athletics).  She is desperate to join in their activities, especially running.  My first pair met with her approval but weren’t much of a success in terms of looks (my attempts to adapt a baby shaped pattern didn’t go very well) but the second pair is much better.

I used super-soft Nani Iro flannel (from a washi dress that I don’t wear – I have a washi top but don’t find the dress style very flattering on me) and added elastic at the bottom, in a knit fabric channel, to create the tracksuit effect.  Katie is happy and so am I.  I think that is a win!  I adapted the Basic Pocket Pants pattern from Meg McElwee’s Growing Up Sew Liberated*.


Pattern:: Basic Pocket Pants from Meg McElwee’s Growing Up sew Liberated book

Fabric:: Nani Iro flannel, a few years old recycled from a dress which I don’t really wear

Size:: Size 4T but with waistband made with knit fabric and bottom adapted to create a knit fabric channel for elastic

*I have made lots from this book over the last few years.  I tend to find that some sewing books are very good value, I only need to make 2 or 3 items from the book for it to be more economical than buying individual patterns and often there’s a lot of other information included too.


Open wide zippered knitting pouch

open wide zippered knitting bagopen wide zippered pouch open wide zippered pouch birdsWhen my lovely friend Vannessa very kindly sent me three gorgeous fat quarters of fabric I knew I wanted to make a treat for myself and an open wide zippered knitting pouch seemed like the perfect project.

It is rare for me to have fabric that doesn’t really have a purpose, I don’t tend to buy fabric unless it is to make something specific – most often for a commission or present and occasionally, as recently, to make some clothes.  But nowadays I really can’t justify buying fabric on a whim and many of the smaller things I make are made using fabric left-over from other projects.  Which is great, satisfying, economical and all the rest of it, but it does mean that three beautiful pieces of fabric, picked just for me, really are very special.  I had them lying out for a few weeks just to admire before cutting them up and making my open wide zippered knitting pouch last week.

I have used the Noodlehead pattern for the open wide zippered pouch many times.  I think it is my favourite way to make a zippered pouch and such a great free tutorial.  I have a couple of small knitting project bags now so I decided to make this one big enough to for a bigger knitting project to hold several skeins of wool, plus pattern, notions and so on.  I adapted the pattern dimensions to make it bigger and make the most of the amount of fabric I had.  I quilted it with normal quilt batting between the layers to give it a little more body and help it keep it’s shape .  I also added an internal zip pocket (something I have done often enough now not to have to refer to instructions but I have learnt from Lisa Lam’s The Bag Making Bible) to stop smaller things from getting lost at the bottom.

Thanks so much V.  I love it!


Pattern:: Noodlehead Open Wide Zippered Pouch

Fabric:: Art Gallery Fabrics, Winged by Bonnie Christine

Size:: adapted from pattern – approx.  46cm wide by 29cm tall by 13 cm deep at base (18″ wide by 11″ tall and 5″ deep at base)

Internal pocket:: based on Lisa Lam’s Bag Making Bible

Grainline Studio Scout Tee the second

scout tee scooped hem short-sleeve scout tee scout tee neck bindingHere’s my second Grainline Studio Scout Tee.  Just like the first version I think my favourite part is the scooped hemline, I really think it is flattering and pretty.  This time I went for short sleeves as per the pattern.  I did add some extra length to this one…..probably a little too much actually, so the next one (which is finished and very much loved) is somewhere in the middle length-wise.  Of course, since I’m capable of sewing myself a top (not to mention altering the pattern as I go along), I am also capable of reducing the length…..but somehow that seems like a mammoth task and hasn’t happened so far.


Pattern:: Grainline Scout Tee, modified to add length to the body

Fabric:: I’m afraid I can’t remember, I do know I bought it online from an overseas store (probably Etsy) but I can’t remember more.  If anyone is desperate to know do tell me and I’ll try digging in my order file and see if I can work it out!

Size:: Size 4 – length added but a little too much – made with 1  1/2m fabric