Cromarty: Friday morning treat

cromarty geese

Geese flying over to the North Soutar


North Soutar from South Soutar

cromarty winter shadows

Long winter shadows

cromarty winter light

Winter sun

cromarty steps

Off she goes

cromarty nigg north soutar


cromarty little girl with her little dog

Wee girl with her wee dog

cromarty village and beach


comarty rig and tugs

Rig and tugs – a drilling platform being refurbished?

cromarty harbour

Cromarty harbour

I decided we deserved a Friday morning treat so, as soon as the school bus left, Katie, the dogs and I bundled into the car and set off for Cromarty – which is rapidly becoming my favourite place to visit here in the Black Isle.  I love the sense of history, the location and, perhaps strangely, the industry which seems so out of place in such a quiet and fairly uninhabited part of the country.  Dog walking is something we do every day and is almost always a pleasure – but it can also become a chore, it has to be done no matter what else is going on and at times I feel we just need to fit it in as best as possible.  For reasons of efficiency, and I guess also a sense of economy, we normally walk from the house.  If you look at my instagram photos you’ll see where that took us yesterday – we’re incredibly lucky to have so much beauty on our doorstep.  But it does feel very much like a treat to leave our home location, even if only a 15 minute drive in the car.  There’s also the added bonus of being able to stop at Couper’s Creek for a wee snack before heading home! Back home to cooking, cleaning and reading the Gruffalo multiple times………..but all the better for this morning’s trip!

Love Patchwork and Quilting and a giveaway (and a thank you and some links!)


Forest Poppy apron in Love Patchwork and Quilting

Forest Poppy patchwork apron

Cafe apron and tea towels in Love Patchwork and Quilting

In Love Patchwork and Quilting!

Thank you so much for your very kind comments lately.  It was lovely to know that you had found my new site, to read your healing wishes for Islay and that you liked the apron and tea towels.   I am still very giddy with excitement, and can’t quite believe, that my sewing has been featured in a magazine.  I had the shock of my life when Jenny, the lovely editor of Love Patchwork and Quilting, emailed me and asked if I’d be interested.  She’s very lucky that I restrained myself and didn’t bite her arm off!  Can you forgive me for sharing a couple more photos, these will be the last I promise?!  I have a spare copy of the magazine here, would anyone be interested in it?  I’ll happily post anywhere.  As I said before, it is a great magazine and the one that I have been enjoying the most recently (alongside Quilt Now, which is a new magazine edited by Katy, and looks to be going from strength to strength).

I’m delighted to say that Islay’s arm is doing all that it should be.  She had a check-up yesterday and the bones are still sitting exactly as they should be.  She isn’t allowed out to play for a long time, probably about 12 weeks – her poor wee face fell completely when this was reinforced yesterday.  But since I found her at the top of our climbing frame, within 24 hours of being wheeled out of theatre (you can imagine the fright she gave me), I really think it is a very good idea.  She will get through a lot of books in three months if she can’t let off steam outside.  Hopefully, once the cast is off, we can try to swim regularly.  Not so easy up here as we need to drive half an hour to the nearest pool, but it will be worth it to keep her busy!

I’m afraid I can’t share any photos of this weekend’s sewing but I have some interesting links to share::

Lily and Charlie would love one, or two, of these

If you love fabric and creativity, or even if not, I’d urge you to read this.  I’m afraid that I was in complete ignorance until yesterday.  I will be far more aware, and careful, when fabric buying in the future.  I was pointed to the post from Kerry’s blog.

Kerry also links to this article which is equally fascinating.

Do you like lists? I do, I have them dotted all around the place and have yet to find a system which I’m happy with.  I think this may well be worth a try.


An injured Islay

indelible cushion fabric

Indelible and linen

Hi there.  I’m popping in for a catch-up and hoping that you’ll be able to find me here in my new home. It is feeling a little quiet at the moment and I’m really hoping that I haven’t lost my online friends somewhere in the move…….can you let me know if you do arrive but have had problems on the way?  I’ll do my best to sort out any problems as I really would miss you all if you were properly lost (and it really doesn’t sound very pleasant to be lost permanently!). The post that came up here yesterday was actually written several days ago and should have gone live at the weekend but technical hitches delayed things…….and I was unable to update what I’d written before it went live as I was in hospital with Islay.  We’re safely home now and she’s doing well.  She broke her arm badly on Tuesday at school – we had an overnight hospital stay and she had it set under anaesthetic on Wednesday morning.  I hope I did a good job of being positive and cheerful for her but, gosh, after a night of almost no sleep it was difficult to smile and chat as they administered the anaesthetic.  It is very hard to kiss your wee girl and leave her to be wheeled off into theatre.  I may be a little quiet here as she has quite a few follow-up hospital visits in the next few days and weeks (which generally take hours) and I have quite a lot of sewing (but that is a good thing, not a complaint) to fit in with that and our, already busy, lives.

geometric bliss butterfly wings fabric

Geometric Bliss voile

I have some lovely piles of fabric lying on my desk at the moment…..just waiting for when I get a chance to work on them.  I thought I’d share them so that this post wasn’t too gloomy. Aren’t they pretty? I’m hoping for a quiet few days (I was going to write weeks but that is probably asking for too much!) with no nasty surprises.  Anything you’re hoping for?!