Jokull knitting with beautiful colours

jokull icelandic yarn

jokul alafosslopi

In the autumn I treated myself to Kate Davies’ latest book – Yokes – and fell in love with her Jokull pattern.  I actually love most of the patterns but many are beyond either my knitting abilities or the time I am able to devote to knitting.  One of my dreams is of some point, probably far off in the future, when I’ll be able to sit and knit, just for fun, on a regular basis.  At the moment it is reserved as a rare treat for the nights when John and I get to sit down together – usually a couple of times a week at the most, but very much appreciated when we do so.

My parents gave me the beautiful Icelandic yarn (Istex Alafoss Lopi), which is the same that Kate uses in her pattern, for my Christmas.  I spent a ridiculous length of time working out which colours to go for – it was a decision I didn’t want to get wrong and, for some reason I can’t fathom, I am much less confident in choosing yarn than fabric colours (when I sew it is one of my very favourite things to do).  Once I had picked out the combination I liked best I contacted Anj, who runs Meadow Yarn and asked for her thoughts on the choice – given that she could see them in the ‘flesh’.  She was incredibly helpful, even taking the yarn outside to check in daylight, and gave my choices a thumbs-up.  The colours are: ash heather (main colour), dark grey heather, teal heather and golden heather).

I still have a very long way to go and I’ll have to tackle a few new techniques to get to the end but I have hopes that I may be able to finish by the autumn.  I think it would be wonderful to wear for dog walking on crispy, breezy days.  I’ll let you know how I get on!  Do you have any dreams like mine of being able to devote more time to knitting?  I wonder if I’ll ever fulfil that dream?!

Neon Pop Indelible – disappearing nine patch cushion

indelible cushions lpq 18fussy cut indelible patchwork cushion fussy cut indelibledisappearing nine patch indelible qulinen envelope backs with patchwork binding lpq indelible cushions collage


I’m so pleased that I can finally share my Neon Pop Indelible cushions with you!  I found it very hard keeping quiet about these while I was making them, I was just itching to show them off.  I did sneak a couple of photos onto Instagram in the early making stages but couldn’t do more.  Now they are published I can  show them to you – the disappearing nine patch even made the front cover of this month’s Love Patchwork and Quilting (edition 18).

I first saw Katarina Roccella’s Indelible fabric range towards the end of the summer and it really jumped out at me.  I know it did for many other people too.  I don’t tend to fall in love with a whole line, and it often takes me a while to ‘warm’ to fabrics, so it was quite unusual for me to have such a strong reaction.

I paired the prints with some coordinating linen to bring out some of the vibrant colours – I would have loved to have had a mustard linen too but couldn’t find one I liked.  My initial plan had been to use shot cotton instead but the colours weren’t right and I’m happy with the decision to go for linen.

I can’t wait to have them back home and in our sitting room.  I don’t plan on giving these away!

This month’s edition of Love Patchwork and Quilting has some very inspiring projects – it is well worth a look if you don’t know it.

Cushion Details::


16 1/2″ square filled with an 18″ cushion pad so that they are very plump and squishy


a) Disappearing nine patch b) simple four patch

Both designs allow the fabric to sing.  The vibrant linen accentuates the glorious colours in the prints


Print ~ Indelible, Darkened Ink Palette by Katarina Roccella for Art Gallery Fabrics

Linen ~ Essex Linen Med. Aqua, Essex Linen Hot Pink, Essex Yarn Dyed Black, Peppered Cotton Fog and Essex Linen White




Summer Sunset :: a baby quilt




disappearing nine patch baby quiltmini menagerie cori dantini baby quiltsummer sunset baby quilt collagesummer sunset pink, orange, yellow, red, green


I’m so happy to be able to show you this little baby quilt :: Summer Sunset.  I know I say this almost every time I finish a quilt but this one definitely has to be one of my all-time favourites!  This particular combination of colours really makes my heart sing – aren’t they pretty and soft but also bright and cheery? No?…….maybe that’s just me!  Whatever – the colours definitely remind me of a summer sunset, not the sometimes harsh colours of a striking winter’s sun-down but the more muted ones we see in the summer months.

I kept the whole quilt pretty simple so that the gorgeous fabrics could do their job without too much distraction.  The improvised back was a lot of fun – I don’t often have the chance just to play.  Most of the fabrics came from my stash (sadly, I used the last of some of them and won’t be able to replace them, but they were put to a good use!)  but I did round them out with some new ones (details below).  I used voile as the main fabric on the back and for the binding too.  As you probably know I really do love combining different fabric types and the voile gives such a soft ‘drapey’ feel – perfect for a baby.

The quilt should be safely with it’s baby by now – a gorgeous wee girl who lives in London.  I do hope it brings her many years of happiness.


I also want to add a thank-you for all the lovely comments recently.  It appears that it is mostly dogs and other people which generally cause concern when you are walking in your local area – wild boar seem to be a bit of an exception!  I really appreciated the thoughtful comments on balancing children and their activities, some of the points which rang true for me were *limited television time, *eating together round the table, and, that *learning to cope with boredom is good (for the children that is….I’m too busy looking after them to have a chance to be bored!).  I hope to be back to replying to comments individually again but just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your visits.


Quilt Details::


* approx. 80cm by 120cm (35 by 45″)


* disappearing nine patch (one of my favourites!) with an improvised back


* mostly from my stash, sadly the last of some of them and many several years old

* the back features a Cori Dantini Mini Menagerie panel

* I bought the following to round out the original selection 1) 100% cotton voile, ‘Palos Verdes’, Cloud 9 Fabrics 2) Floral Frolic Coco, ‘Littlest’, Art Gallery Fabrics 3) Full Circle Eggshell, ‘Shape of Spring’, Cloud 9 Fabrics