Giveaway catch-up – Veronica Roth and Truly Myrtle

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truly myrtle giveaway

This is a very belated catch-up and thank you to Veronica (Veronica Roth) and Libby (Truly Myrtle) for giveaways I won over the last few weeks. I really should have thanked them publicly before now.  But hopefully later is better than never.

Veronica sent me a copy of a book she loves – Tottering in My Garden by Midge Ellis Keeble.  I made a start last night and think I will love it.  Veronica writes a beautiful blog documenting her life in Canada (with forays to the UK too – she is an artist and gardener and takes beautiful photographs, sometimes of the everyday and sometimes of the spectacular whether it is of her art or stunning Canadian scenery.  I’d thoroughly recommend visiting her blog, it is a warm and beautiful place.

Libby sent me a skein of gorgeous Midnight Yarns hand dyed New Zealand yarn – in a colour-way called ‘Mustard from a squeeze bottle’!  This was a giveaway from Libby’s podcast which she started earlier this year.  Libby is a talented knitwear designer living in New Zealand and her blog is a wonderful source of knitting inspiration and information, there’s lots of tutorials and tips.  I have just finished one of her Settler Shawls and can’t wait to share it…..once I have managed to take some photos that do is justice.  I feel a certain affinity to Libby, as well as awe at all that she is achieving, as she is a mum of four too and her littlest has just started school…….I’ll be in the same boat in 15 months time (gulp!).

Thank you to you both.  I love my gifts and feel very lucky to have won.

foyers foyers view

down to the fallsthe falls long way down foyers falls big water foyers back up the hill

loch ness

While I’m here I thought I’d share some photos from a family trip a few weekends ago.  We made the most of a Monday off school and set off to the south shore of Loch Ness, an area we haven’t explored previously.  We stopped at Foyers and had a stunning walk down to the falls and on the way home stopped on the shore of Loch Ness for a picnic………..much to the children’s disappointment Nessie didn’t make an appearance!  We really enjoyed getting into some ‘proper’ fairly rugged Highland scenery.  The Black Isle is a bit of an anomaly for the Highalnds with a relatively mild and very fertile rolling landscape – very different from the landscape that surrounds us just a few miles in either direction.

We have just had a most lovely week with my mum and dad – lots of delicious food and family time, some great walks and plenty hard work in the garden.  We now have a frame for our raspberries, a new veg bed and a whole lot of digging completed.  Perfect, and thanks so much mum and dad!


Number bean bags ‘Full of Beans’ play set Love Patchwork and Quilting 21


Photo from Love Patchwork and Quilting

I was so delighted to have another design featured in Love Patchwork and Quilting.  The Full Of Beans play set is a quick make and the storage bucket could be used for lots of things (now that it is back with me the bucket is being used for knitting projects – and the number bean bags will be gifted this weekend to one of Katie’s wee friends).  The joy of seeing my design beautifully photographed and featured in such a great magazine is hard to describe…..I don’t think I’ll ever get over the fun of opening the issue and hunting for my project!

1th birthday boysthe boyswood sorrel feddanhill wood angus feddanhill 11th birthday

In other news we had Angus’ 11th birthday party a few weekends ago.  We held it on a Saturday just at the tail end of the beautiful weather we enjoyed over Easter.  It was much colder but stayed mostly dry – thankfully, as the following day it snowed and since then we have had so much cold, rain and wind (and it looks set to continue for the foreseeable future – my vegetable garden plans are completely thrown as it is far too cold for much to be sown or planted out).   I think this was the easiest party we have ever held – the boys pretty much organised themselves with a game of Manhunt followed by Capture the Flag.  They are a competitive bunch and there was all sorts of tactics involved in Capture the Flag (the ‘flag’ was one of John’s brightest t-shirts for each team!).  We had to persuade them to abandon the game in order to come and eat and if there had been enough time they’d have carried on all afternoon I think!  Long may our children, and their friends, continue to be happy to spend several hours running around the woods as their birthday treat!

An Easter walk at Tyninghame

Katie FMF skirt gate style setting off primrosestyne estuary tyne estuary kids preparing to leap leapfinn leap

I’m struggling a little to remember how warm it was over the Easter holidays – we had one particularly lovely walk to the Tyne estuary from mum and dad’s house in Tyninghame.  We went to the North Pole, as usual, no visit home would be complete without a trip to our favourite spot……or a touch of climbing and leaping too!

Today is a complete contrast, we have driving wind and rain and the winter hats and gloves have been back out for the last week.   I had joyfully washed and stored away all our winter gear – far too easily lulled into thinking the cold weather was over! Finn was delivered to Inverness early this morning to join the team bus to an athletics meeting in Dundee, we picked him up several hours earlier than expected because the meet was cancelled……apparently the officials were so cold and wet that it got to the point that the poor starter couldn’t fire his gun reliably.  Finn is very disappointed that his race didn’t go ahead but I think under the circumstances it is very understandable.

Tomorrow we’re all home with no commitments or competitions.  I think we’ll be out exploring some more of our new home area…..maybe a trip to South Loch Ness which we haven’t visited so far.  Fingers crossed it will be a little drier at least!

I hope you are having a lovely Bank Holiday weekend.  Has the weather been more kind to you?