Liberty bunny comforter – This Little Rabbit

this little rabbit love patchwork and quilting magazine

this little rabbit - liberty bunny comforter

forest poppy bunny comforter

It seems like such a long time since I popped in here, and there’s lots to catch up on, but first I wanted to share my Liberty bunny comforter – This Little Rabbit – who featured in the latest issue of Love Patchwork and Quilting (Issue 20).  I do wish I had little baby of my own to give her to!

I’ve had the idea of making a bunny comforter at the back of my mind for several years now but it wasn’t until the lovely Jenny commissioned her for the magazine that I thought to pair the flannel, which I’d always intended to use, with Liberty.  She’s a perfect project to showcase the gorgeous small scale prints which Liberty does so well and to play with their lovely fabric without breaking the bank – and, of course, Liberty Tana Lawn is the softest of cotton fabrics.  Combined with squishy flannel she’s very lovely to hold and cuddle.  I’m pretty sure she’d be equally lovely as a ‘he’! I’d love to know if you do make a bunny comforter of your own – whether it is of the boy or girl variety!

I do hope you had a lovely time at Easter and have been able to enjoy this glorious weather…….I’m so enjoying seeing some sunshine and feeling that the ground is warming up ready for new growth but is it causing me some anxiety – I don’t know how to split my limited free time between gardening and sewing……any solutions?!  Admittedly I can do a lot of my garden plans with Katie but, just occasionally, it is more relaxing to enjoy it without endless questions and with a little more efficiency!

A Caravan Tote in Tokyo Train Ride


caravan tote and pouch caravan tote closer caravan tote collage caravan tote foxy caravan tote pouch


I’m saving my new Caravan Tote for next week’s trip away – because I love it.  I think it will be perfect for travelling, enough room for passports, travel documents and so on but not so huge that I’ll lose everything (I hope)……..I will have to take another carry-on bag, I don’t think I can travel with two wee ones without a fair amount of clobber (particularly since my nephew is prone to travel sickness – I’m hoping that if he’s sick we can direct it away from me as spare clothes for me, as well as them, would just be too much and rather more than the kitchen sink!).

Anyhow, my new bag is just perfect.  The pattern, by Anna Graham of Noodlehead, is such a good one.  It is well set out and easy to follow.  I stuck to it throughout with the exception of the pocket fastening – I spotted the little leather snaps on U-handbag and used them rather than metal snaps.  As is often the case with bags it was the gathering of supplies, preparation of pattern pieces, cutting and so on that took the time – once I had everything ready the sewing stage was pretty fast.

I wasn’t sure how my recycled handles would look – they were rescued from a basket bag I have had for years and which was on it’s last legs – I decided to give them a go and then change them if they didn’t look right.  But I like them, even though they don’t really match the pocket snap, and I like the fact that they have been given a new lease of life.

I’d definitely recommend the pattern.  Here’s some details::

Pattern:: Caravan Tote

Fabric Main:: Tokyo Train Ride Canvas – Train Ride in Dusky Pink – I think it is now out of stock at The Village Haberdashery where I bought it but is in stock at M is For Make

Fabric Secondary:: Mochi Canvas – Scattered in Natural – again out of stock at TVH but available at M is For Make

Fastenings::  magnetic snap – U-handbag, leather snap – U-handbag

Interfacing:: Sew Hot

Metal zips:: Laverzips

Knitting distraction :: Settler Shawl

settler shawl beginnings

drawstring project bag

little skein stitch marker

madelinetosh sock yarn rose and kelp

r shawl and stitch markers

Despite my best intentions not to succumb to knitting distractions I have completely fallen off the wagon and cast on a new shawl.  I still plan to work, mostly, on my Jokull – in fact I’m up to the hand openings.  I’ll need to concentrate a little for the next couple of rows while I set the openings in the correct place so I decided to make a start on my Settler Shawl just be sure I can get my head around it.

I’m off on a little jaunt with Katie and my nephew at the beginning of the Easter holidays and would like a portable project to take with me.  I’m hoping, once we get to my mum and dad’s out in South Africa, that I’ll have a little time to knit in the evenings…….I don’t think I’ll have any chance on the flight out with an excited 4 year old and 3 year old to keep a beady eye on…… fact if I manage more than a few snatches of sleep in the 24 hours it takes to get there I will be very pleasantly surprised.  But, I’ll be coming home on my own – 24 hours to myself sounds like bliss, I do hope I have a peaceful person next to me! – leaving Katie and my nephew out with mum and dad for a few days.  Grannie and Grandy will bring them home when they make their annual trip north for our northern hemisphere spring and summer!

I have planned to make a Settler Shawl during this trip for quite a while now.  I also wondered about a Pebble Beach Shawlette but for some reason that I can’t now remember (perhaps simplicity) I decided to leave that for next time.  I chose Northbound Knitting Fingering in Sullen for my shawl – I think it wasn’t perhaps the best choice – Libby does suggest a plump yarn in the pattern notes and my limited yarn knowledge suggests that this isn’t what I’m working with, this may be why I’m finding it a little slippery and tricky to deal with (or it could just be my incompetence).  Anyhow, I’m sure I’ll end up with a pretty and wearable shawl (it is small enough that I think it’ll work well worn like a scarf which is what I’m aiming for) even if it isn’t perfectly knitted.

Probably I’ve been far too optimistic in thinking that I may finish this one before coming home but, just in case, I have just bought some delicious Madelinetosh Sock in Rose and Kelp to make Katie and Islay shawls of their own.  I’ll hopefully work on them over the summer when we’re out and about at times that I won’t be able to work on my Jokull.  I think the Tosh Sock may be a better choice for this project, it will be interesting to compare.

So, that’s me – distracted as usual.  I do have such good intentions but find it very hard to stick to them!  How about you, are you more disciplined?

Oh, and just in case you’re interested.  The beautiful little stitch markers came from Little Skein in the Big Wool and I made my project bag with this tutorial by Jeni of In Color Order (my first one but there’ll be more -it is a great wee pattern).